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Do you STRUGGLE with things like overhead squats
Are you constantly dealing with annoying minor training INJURIES?
Have you ever hurt your LOWER BACK?
If so, your lack of mobility and warmup routine is holding you BACK. Get the Warmup and Mobility Overhaul for FREE and change your training FOREVER.
  • No guessing. Follow a proven plan.
  • 25+ videos so you know exactly how to do all of the techniques.
  • Improve your performance and decrease injuries.
  •  Bonus 'Daily 5 Minute Flow' included to unlock more mobility and get out of pain.
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Dr. Dave Paczkowski DPT, CSCS, SFG I, CF-L1

Performance Physical Therapist and Strength Coach

Dr. Paczkowski has helped hundreds of people get out of pain and feeling their best between his local San Diego based practice, through online programming and coaching, and through various speaking engagements.  He regularly uses the unique blend of 'prehab' and strength based programming to get people looking, feeling, and performing their best.
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