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Free PDF Download

The Leakproof Running Guide 
for the Postpartum Woman
A free PDF download with a guided step by step process for leak-free running for the active postpartum woman.  

Are you feeling embarrassed, frustrated or tired of these symptoms limiting your workouts and active lifestyle as a mother? The Leakproof Running Guide for the Postpartum Woman - will guide you through exercises and tips to achieving leak-free running. 
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Have you ever wanted somebody to give you a clear, easy to follow plan for how to live an active lifestyle postpartum without leaking? If you:

  • Experience leaking with walking, running, stairs, lifting, coughing, sneezing or laughing.
  • Struggle to find a clear plan of how to return to exercise as a new mother.
  • Are ready to learn ways that actually help you return to running without leaking and transform your life.

Then this free PDF will help you!

Inside Out Strength and Performance

Many women in the postpartum time are discouraged and lost in where to start when it comes to returning to exercise which is keeping them from living out their full potential, so we’ve created a way to help you get your 'mom fitness mojo' back. At Inside Out Strength and Performance, we teach you how to return to exercise with confidence and be the strong mom you know you can be.

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